With Love, Narwhal

I have a friend who once told me I was a Narwhal Whale. After taking 2 seconds to realize this was not a jab at my physique, I laughed. Little did I know, she had a meaningful sentiment behind the comment.

She was really into Astrology. I soon learned that Astrology was more than arbitrary, haphazard fortune-telling based on your date of birth, but a (excuse my crude explanation) study of the spiritual beings and energy of the universe. This was a girl I met at a conference in Urbana, MO. I was attending a Christian conference but met this girl at a cafe. She was a local who was used to the exhibit hall being stuffed with people celebrating/learning/and expo-ing one thing or the other. We were sharing a table and started to talk. We spent the next few hours talking chatting and learning about each other when she shared her theory.

When she started to explain why she came to this conclusion, I became very touched and almost emotional. I am by no means well-versed in Astrology or Primal Zodiac Astrology, but what she said stuck with me. Even though according to the universe’s signs, I was NOT a Narwhal, she was going by feel 🙂

Narwhals symbolize resiliency. They move through life slowly, until challenged when their demeanor becomes quick and dangerous. They may have a care-free exterior but are secretly rebels who are surging with passion and ideas. Once a Narwhal gets moving, they are incredibly frustrated when something slows them down or gets in their way. They spend a lot of time soul-searching and will not settle. They collect experiences and challenges to help them grow. Narwhals can be moody and driven, but all with a good heart.

This stranger who became my friend thought so highly of me, and I felt I was unworthy of such praise.

In honor of her and the season of introspection I am navigating through, I purchased a small Narwhal whale totem from Etsy as a good-luck charm to the all the adventures I’m planning.

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Letters to Those Along the Way

I spend a lot of time reflecting on the person I am, at the tender age of 25. I always felt like an old soul, but I acknowledge that I have so much of life left to explore, make mistakes, and most importantly. . . . learn. Sometimes my meditation leads to a diatribe directed at yours truly, digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole of hatred and self-loathing. Other times, it leads me to an optimistic outlook on all the things I want to do in my life. I say cheesy things like “the world is your oyster!” “the possibilities are endless!” “the only thing keeping you from the second step is the first step!” – not necessarily knowing if the phrasing is correct, but the meaning is there.

The more I retrospect, the more I realize that I’ve done quite a few interesting things in my life. And along the way, I’ve met some amazing people. Not once have I stopped to appreciate the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places whether it was for leisure or missions, and hear the story of so many people.

So these letters are dedicated to the people I make/made meaningful connections with on my journey around the globe. Regardless of who reads them and where my notes go. Even if it ends up being a journey for my eyes only, I will be vulnerable with my thoughts and memories.

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